One more day by Barbara Edwards


Bellingham Washington is spread out over miles. With Marina, Malls, historic areas and the ferry terminal.




IMG_0186We found the historic Fairhaven to be charming, the business center to bustle with foot-traffic and the surrounding area to be lush and green.

The well-maintained houses march up the steep hills and I wonder what it must be like to look at the view every day.

IMG_0189I love living near the water, but this is more than a lake or stream.

We’ve been lucky to have nice weather. The temperature goes from the fifties in the morning to the seventies. And the sun has been shining.

The ferry terminal is a large building next to the dock. I stopped to check our itinerary and they gave us our tickets. Suddenly the trip is real. I am choked by excitement. After planning so long, we are finally going to see Alaska.

I can’t seem to keep the details straight. We can sleep in the lounges on the ferry, book a cabin or pitch a tent on the deck. There’s no WiFi so I’ll be out of contact for several days. There’s a restaurant, microwaves or some passengers bring coolers.

So many choices. I’m used to a cruise where everything is done and I just  have to show up. This is so different. Good for me to stretch my skills.

North to Alaska, like in the John Wayne movie, North the rush is on.

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