Can’t see St Helen’s by Barbara Edwards

IMG_0149Pulled into the campground at Silver Lake in the rain. Late afternoon and we can’t see Mt Saint Helen’s through the clouds and rain.



IMG_0137Glimpsed the Columbia River in the distance.

Rained hard all night and the wind blew thirty miles per hour, making the camper rock like a boat in a rough sea. I slept like a baby in spite of it.


Cloudy, rainy morning and we’re headed out to the visitor’s center before driving up to view the mountain. It’s lovely rolling country with farms, vineyards and so much green. I wonder if people who’ve been to Ireland could tell me if it’s the same green.

The road is well-maintained and a few visitors’ centers are open. It’s either raining hard or cloudy, foggy and I’m not sure if Bill wants to proceed.IMG_0157

I take photos, but I’m not sure which is the mountain.




Not until we reach the Cold Water Center where they point out the cloud

Mt ST Helen's and Barbara Edwards
Mt ST Helen’s and Barbara Edwards

covered slopes of Mt St. Helens. We can only see the bottom third, but this is usual. Like Mt. Khatadin on the East coast, its clouded over most of the time.




Down the valley
Down the valley

The sun breaks through for a few minutes where we are, but the Mountain remains shrouded. I’m not disappointed. The valley and river are beautiful, too.


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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