Time to relax by Barbara Edwards

I’ve been trying so hard to journal our trip that I forgot to talk about the fun.

I love to photograph flowers and you’ll see them here and there in out log, but this was a fun item. Just picture a six inch banana slug. TaDa!

Banana Slug
Banana Slug

This cute critter was at the base of a tree in Jedediah Smith Campground.


I keep looking around to avoid anything else, but saw nothing creepy.


IMG_0048We stopped at a lighthouse and walked up to the front. It’s privately owned but still in operation.



Keeno and Bill at the tidal stream
Keeno and Bill at the tidal stream

The tide comes in and cuts them off from the beach. Ah, what a life.




I thought I had strange moments but we passed a

Gopher hunting
Gopher hunting

happy young man attempting to catch a wild gopher. Because it was fast.





jedidiah Smith campsite
jedidiah Smith campsite

Our campsite was really nice. The forest pressed close, with the silence of large trees and undergrowth so thick it was impossible to see a path through.



Keeno and Bill discover another bear on the Klamath River
Keeno and Bill discover another bear on the Klamath River

On the Klamath River’s former bridge, Keeno found another bear statue. Makes me hope he has more brains with a real bear.




Stay with us as we journey. We’re having fun.





Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

6 thoughts on “Time to relax by Barbara Edwards”

  1. This is where I grew up! I went to high school in Crescent City and lived in Gasquet. Drove by Jed Smith campground most every day. The lighthouse in your picture is actually featured in the book I’m just finishing, the 3rd one in my suspense series. Very cool. Glad you’re enjoying yourself.


  2. You almost…not quite…but almost make me want to be in that camper driving around. I know you’re having a great time, and oh the memories you’ll have to remember and recall and talk about.
    Thanks for the photos–that’s what I love to see.


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