Sequoia, 2nd day by Barbara Edwards

Leaving Sequoia and King’s Canyon

Leaving camp
Leaving camp

I wore my thermal shirt, quilted vest and scarf since it was 44 degrees this morning.

IMG_0041Driving up and out of Sequoia took us past King’s Canyon, a glacier carved gash in the mountains.







There is a fire burning in King’s Canyon and we are passed by fire trucks.




The sequoia forest is just as impressive as yesterday

Sequoia Trees
Sequoia Trees

and I take more photos. We climb over 7,000 feet again and it made me feel yucky. I drank more water and waited to descend into Fresno.

Another place we by-passed. It spreads out flat and brown except for the orange groves and vineyards. Cattle are in the huge fields.

I keep thinking we have to return and stay longer. I know our goal on this trip is Alaska, but I wish I had more time to see and do more. After all, I have friends all over the place from my writing loops.

Got on 41 which was empty and a straight shot into Yosemite. I should rephrase that. It is a fertile land with resorts, fishing areas, farms, vineyards and homes. We pass through Squaw Valley. It’s known for winter sport.

We arrive at Yosemite, with 22 campgrounds only to be told its full.


I whip out my handicap pacared and there are a couple places after all. As we’re getting out reservation done, the ranger mentions its going to snow tomorrow night. People are leaving like flies from bug spray.


Hah. We like the spot we have. Its in the Wanona campground, just inside the entrance and alongside the river. Trees tower overhead. It got all the way up to 70 degrees and I shed my vest. Now I’m going to put it back on. We have the fire going in the firepit, I saw bear skat on the ground when I walked to the latrines. My dog snapped his collar running at another dog and scared the heck out of me. He gave me the most sheepish look when I called and he came right back.

the road ahead
the road ahead

Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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