Day five- My Alaska Trip

Beautiful morning. Forgot my camera in the camper and can’t take a photo of the gorgeous sunrise or the full moon with Bill’s camera. Point and shot, my foot. I like my old camera.

The red bud tree is the Oklahoma tree. It has purple flowers, go figure.

Red Bud Tree

The area is lovely, green grass, cattle grazing and a newly planted vineyard. There is a huge orchard with a variety of trees. I don’t know but I’m guessing they are nut trees. The owner is planting acres of new trees, and I can see acres more of mature trees.

IMG_0029Tulsa is a flash off the highway as we whiz by.

I noticed the locals are nice people. Friendly and helpful when I asked for directions. Coming from the way stand-offish New England are, I’m always surprised at how nice people can be to strangers.


Big sky country
Big sky country

Having a little jet lag with the time change. I just went through day-light savings and hated tha change, now we’re leaping across zones and I’m dragging behind. On the radio, enter to win a eight to ten person tornado shelter valued at four thousand dollars. Just what I need.

Driving a portion of Route 66. Do you remember the TV show? How romantic it was. Adventures all over America, handsome men and beautiful women in trouble. Everywhere are the tribal names, Cherokee, Kickapoo, Fox, and others. We travel on a toll road.

Leaving Oklahoma the wind is blowing so hard the truck shakes and my husband must fight the wheel to keep straight. The land is so open. Hard to describe the feeling of looking out towards the horizon. The sea gives me the same view where I think I can see until the earth curves.

Not much changes as we cross into Texas. Sagebrush lines the road and the land spreads in a wide blanket. Cattle dot the fields like tiny miniatures.

Johnson Ranch
Johnson Ranch

The open land enchants me and I take a couple quick pictures before and exit that goes only to the Johnson Ranch. Wow. I’d love to live and ride here.



Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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