Day Three on the road by Barbara Edwards

Day Three in Ohio, Greencastle.


The high winds shook the camper all night. Up top fifty mile per hour gusts and there is a wind warning this morning until ten am. No surprise since we’re on vacation. Heh.

Its currently warm, above seventy and there is snow predicted fot the Miami Valley tonight. Hopefully we’ll be south and west of all that.

The highway was crowded yesterday.

Empty land, goes on forever
Empty land, goes on forever

This am  its empty. Of course its before seven.

Pouring rain and high wind is making me nervous. I hate driving in the rain. The wins cuts across the o Not even eight am. Stopped at a rest area and the o[‘pen fields and pushes the vehicle sideways. Truck area holds over five hundred trucks.

Doing a bit of shake-down repairs. Needed to buy a connection cord for the CB radio. Bill likes to listen to the trucker updates on road conditions.

Mississippi River in St. Louis
Mississippi River in St. Louis
Casey's Wind chimes
Casey’s Wind chimes

Then the electric failed to charge in the camper. Drast. Spent a couple hours checking the lines and connections until we found where the wire had pulled apart. Easy repair, but annoying.

Today we’ll stop for a windshield wiper since the one on my side is fraying. Typical travel problem.

Lots of road construction so far.

Caught a glimpse of blue sky a few miles south of Indianapolis. Rain is intermittent right now.

Stopped in Casey to see the world’s largest wind chime. It is huge but has a mellow sound.

Twenty miles to the border.



Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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