They’re back by Barbara Edwards

Blue Heron on St George Island
St George Island State Park at sunset

St George Island is located in the Gulf of Mexico, across a five mile long causeway from Eastpoint, Florida. Its a fishing village, summer resort and all around beautiful place.

This spring the cold weather, high winds and inches of rain made me wonder if the Blue Herons would return to the pond this year. Last year the rookery blew down during a wind storm and the birds left. 

This year the herons flew in just as the temperature fell below 32 degrees. They huddled in the thick swamp grasses. Snow fell twenty miles north and I really believed they would head for warmer climes.

Instead four pairs have decided to build their rookery in the slash pines along the small pond.They gather twigs and branches to weave into a loose nest  high above the surface. 

I’m hoping to see the eggs hatch.

Blue Heron nesting in Slash Pine

Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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