What’s up with my guest, Mac?

Welcome my guest MacKenzie Crowne who is so busy I am dizzy following her.ape

Cara O'Shea's Return
Cara O’Shea’s Return

Hiya Barbara.

I know how busy you are and appreciate you having me stop by to do a bit of happy dancing over my new release on Monday 10/28. Squee! Cara O’Shea’s Return is the latest of my lighthearted contemporary romances, but has been in my heart for years. It’s also the prequel to The Billionaire’s Con, for those of you who have read Meggy’s story.

A Song for Sophie
A Song for Sophie

It seems as if I’ve been waiting years to see Cara and Finn’s story told and to celebrate, I’ll be giving away a PDF copy to one lucky commenter. Yay! Oh, and here’s a bonus. Another of my titles, A Song for Sophie (Honky Tonk Hearts) is FREE today on Kindle. Click here to download your copy and feel free to share the link with your friends.

Now, back to Cara… Enjoy! 😉


After eight years of self-imposed exile, shy bombshell Cara O’Shea returns to her hometown to create her art in peace. Big city living has left her craving the quiet only a small town can offer. Bitter over the wreckage of her father’s infidelity, she risks town gossip and her heart, when she enlists the town’s football hero to help renovate her studio and mend a decade-old rift.

A career ending injury and failed marriage leave Michael “Finn” Finnegan questioning his worth and avoiding anything smacking of permanence. A playboy lifestyle soothes his battered ego, but lately, the pretense has lost its appeal. However, one look at Cara, with her expressive green eyes and bunny-of-the-month body, and he’s hell-bent on proving his worth with the shy artist—and himself.

As old truths are revealed, will Cara and Finn overcome the mistakes of the past, trust their hearts at last, and take a chance on love?


“Finn.” Maive bumped his thigh with an elbow. “Have you met Mary O’Shea’s middle daughter, Cara?”

Cobalt blue beams shifted to Cara, and she nearly cringed at the palpable memory shining in them. His smile easy, he spoke in a subtle rumble.

“We’ve had the pleasure. Hello, Cara.”

“Hello.” Fighting the flush of remembered humiliation heating her cheeks, she returned the greeting stiffly. She slid her gaze back to Maive, and relative safety. The old lady came to her rescue, craning her neck to aim a sly smile up at Finn.

“I just sold her the old book store.”

Finn’s head whipped around.

“You sold it?” He popped up from his slouched position, his back going poker straight. “I tried to buy it from you not two months ago. You said it wasn’t for sale.”

“It wasn’t, then.”

“But it is now?” Icy intenseness replaced his charming smile. “How much do you want for it?”

Maive cackled a laugh. “You’ll have to ask the O’Shea girl. She owns it now.”

Calculation hardened his features when he turned to study Cara.

She was at a complete loss. Technically, she hadn’t bought the place. She didn’t even know what she’d have to pay for it. Yet for some reason, known only to Maive Cataldo, the old lady was having the time of her life, denying Finn the property.

Far be it from her to contradict the dragon lady. A burst of satisfied excitement cooled the heated flush on Cara’s cheeks. The bookstore was hers and she’d be keeping it. She informed him of that fact before he could open his mouth. “It’s not for sale.”

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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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