Alaska: The trip of a lifetime by Barbara Edwards

We’re going to Alaska. My husband and I love to travel and have talked about traveling to Alaska several times. Last year when he had his stent put in was another reason to postpone it. Then the price of fuel went through the ceiling. Then I have my health issues. Yikes.

Fifth wheel camper
Fifth wheel camper

We are making plans anyway.  Dreaming about the trip of a lifetime has become planning the trip.

Since fuel costs so much, we’ll consolidate. Our fifth wheel is 30 feet long and we get 12 miles to the gallon hauling it. A lot more than other campers but still a too much for thousands of miles. So we decided the best option is a truck camper. I figured it’s one of those think about, plan for it, take your time and maybe, kind of discussions.

Instead, my husband said we’re going to look at a truck camper. The camper was parked in the owner’s barn. Dust and spider webs showed it had really been five years since it was moved. I opened the door and noticed his wife had strewn the inside with dryer sheets. Aha, someone cares. For those of you who don’t know, dryer sheets keep away the creepy-crawlies like mice and bugs.

The camper isn’t brand-new, but that’s an advantage. Everything works, the furnace, theIMG_0005 hot water heater, the stove and the tiny shower. We discussed price and when my husband mentioned we’d need to install an air conditioner, the seller dropped the price that amount. To my shock, my husband bought it on the spot.

To get it home we had to install the right tie-down brackets on the undersides of our truck. We ordered them online and my handy hubby put them on himself.

Then we brought our newest toy home. Our parking place isn’t small, but a truck camper and the fifth wheel take up a big space, so the fifth wheel is in storage until we need it for the regular winter jaunt.

We plan to drive cross-country then take the Alaskan Marine Highway North. Early next spring is our goal.   If i sound calm and serene, just listen fro my whoops of excitement echoing on the cyber space air!

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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

8 thoughts on “Alaska: The trip of a lifetime by Barbara Edwards”

  1. Living in the Northern wilderness I enjoy following adventurers as they drive to my home state, and will await you journey. You will be in my prayers.


  2. You are far braver and adventurous than I am! We looked at all kinds of rvs for about five years in preparation for complete retirement and traveling. One day I balked, and he agreed–not for us. So, we spent out traveling years going by plane, ship, bus, and car. We’ve not regretted it, but still..that little niggling idea has never left us. Honestly, I think we would have eventually made good campers.
    I do hope you keep a log–I recall the first thing I read from you was a blog about camping with this couple from hell. That was you, wasn’t it? They were so funny, I couldn’t wait for the next one.
    Good luck in your preparations for next spring–lots of dreaming to do.


  3. We went to Alaska last year. You will enjoy it. I tired to do a blog post every day, but there are many places up there you can’t get internet. I kept a journal and blogged about it daily when we got back. Have fun!


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