Biopsy to lumpectomy by Barbara Edwards

After ten days of waiting to see the breast surgeon, I am going to be scheduled for a procedure called left breast needle localized lumpectomy. Sounds pretty official to me. And I’m still anxious.

Since I had the biopsy results I have been worried. Let’s be honest. I listened to all the advice and welcomed the support and prayers. I am still frightened. The doctor is reassuring. Only one procedure in 100 finds cancer. I was relieved for about five minutes, and then my imagination went ‘what if.’

I researched the subject of atypical ductal cells on the web. If there’s something an author is good at its research. I printed out copies since I needed to reread the information several times to understand the terminology.

What did I learn? The atypical ductal cells indicate a possibility of cancer developing. Standard treatment? Do an excision to remove the abnormal cells and test them for cancer.

If they don’t remove all the atypical cells with this lumpectomy or if the tests indicate cancer, then it’s more surgery.  One of the commenters on my blog described having this procedure and its success.

I will need anesthesia and be unconscious for the procedure, but it is outpatient. I proceed to radiology where they do a mammogram to find the marker they left after the biopsy in the first step. The area is numbed. Then they insert a needle/wire to pinpoint the spot exactly. I am taken to surgery and they excise an area about the size of a quarter. They take that tissue to the lab to test it. Three days later, yep you heard me, THREE DAYS LATER, they report if its cancer.

And I thought this was a horrendous wait.

Okay, more waiting. I’m waiting for the scheduling nurse to call me with the date. I have to have a pre-op physical with my doctor and possibly with my cardiologist to say I’m fit for surgery.

Journey of the Magi cover

I’m putting my foot down. I need to get back to my writing. No more drifting on the possibility of this or that. This has distracted me from the excitement of my new cover, the release date on September 2 and the new contract for my third paranormal.

Thank you for your support and prayers.


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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

19 thoughts on “Biopsy to lumpectomy by Barbara Edwards”

  1. As a breast cancer survivor and a mammographer, I’ve been on both sides of the needle for a needle loc, and trust me: I like being on the medical end better than the patient end. The good news is, your doctor is right. The odds are in your favor of this NOT being cancer. Worst case scenario? If it is cancer, they caught it incredibly early and you’re going for a cure, not just treatment. It’s even possible that even IF this is a cancer, if the surgeon gets clean margins and the cells have a low proliferation rate (how quickly they are dividing) then you may not need any further treatment. I know that sounds like a lot of “if’s” but you got this. You can do it. And you really do have a gorgeous book cover!


  2. I’ve been following along with the breast issue and feel your pain over waiting for this, waiting for that. I know physicians are busy, but sometimes they’re clueless when it comes to how their decisions affect the emotional stability of their patients. Sending prayers and cyber hugs your way. You’re a strong, brave woman – really, you are! I’m like the rest of your commenters – I simply LUV, LUV that cover. It’s magical and the colors and layout are superb! Well done and hang in there.


  3. Barb, you’re in my thoughts and prayers but you’re going to do fine. I know the waiting is horrendous but here’s a trick that helped me tremendously. Since there is nothing you can do on those days when nothing is happening, give yourself permission to go on a health vacation and get back to that writing. You’ll feel better for it.

    Big time congrats on your release. Love that cover.


  4. Sending positive thoughts again. Can they remove more than just the cells? I had a portion of my breast and the duct removed. They tested it but it was nice to have the whole problem gone. 🙂

    All the best and work is always best for anything bothering you. I love the cover!


  5. Your cover is truly spectacular and I love the title. Congrats on that, and prayers and hugs for the ‘other.’ I’ve been down this road with my mom and my sister. Still kicking, btw.


  6. Elaine is right. Your new cover is gorgeous. I’m still thinking of you and praying that this latest procedure will be the last one you need before the doctors give you a clean bill of health, but I know how hard it must be and how much it must take out of you to have to go through all of this. And, of course, the waiting just makes it that much more traumatic. I’m sending my hugs to you, Barbara, and I’ll be thinking of you until you can continue these reports about your journey and let us know the outcome.


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