Biopsy, waiting for more news by Barbara Edwards

Barbara Edwards writing in my office
Barbara Edwards writing in my office

I have an appointment with a breast surgeon. That is so scary. Not every day, in fact not a majority of the time. The fear sneaks up on me in my dreams. Or when I’m tired and trying to rest. My brain says to wait for the appointment, but my heart says it’s too long to wait.

I called my sons to give them a head’s up on what is happening.

Did I tell you how wonderful they are?

For the life of me I can’t remember exactly what they said. Not comfort exactly. Just calm, quiet good sense to give me a hand to hold.  One got off the phone and immediately researched atypical cells on the web. He called me back and gave me a lecture on what he found, advising me to look it up myself. Which I did.

What is atypical ductal hyperplasia? After reading several sites, I’m still unsure. Does it need surgery? Depends who you ask. Is it cancer or will it become cancer? Well, that depends, too.

I have lots of questions for the surgeon.

The advice seems to imply an excision (surgical cut) of the area surrounding the calcified tissue removed during the biopsy or lumpectomy is needed. The statistics show a small number of the excised tissue samples result in further surgery. The big but is not knowing until the surgery what will be removed.

A lump? A breast?

I thought about that too. Would I mind if I had a breast removed? I don’t think so. I have a thousand reasons to live. My breasts did their work- they provided milk for my babies and made my clothes fit nicely.

I guess I’m mature enough to continue to enjoy life with one removed. Only I truly hope it doesn’t come to that. I need to pray more. For peace and serenity with whatever happens. And I want to be able to focus on my writing, again.

Seven days and counting until I meet the surgeon.

My son is updating my website, so I’d like to have you check it out.






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15 thoughts on “Biopsy, waiting for more news by Barbara Edwards”

  1. My mom is a three time breast cancer survivor and I recently had a ‘breast lump’ scare myself. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children (I know how they’re feeling right now.) Though I know it’s hard, focus on positive thoughts and stay strong! ~Sky


  2. I’m also waiting along with you and praying hard that a few simple snips of those suspect cells is all that’s needed before they discover there’s nothing seriously wrong that needs more extensive treatment. It may be needless to say this because you probably already take good care of yourself, but I’ll say it anyway. Eat well, take helpful nutritional supplements (if you’re into doing that), meditate (again,if you’re into doing that) and, of course, watch funny movies or TV shows and laugh with loved ones. A lot of rest is always good, too, but I know that’s so hard to do when you’re waiting to get important news. Oh, and I checked out your website. Your son is a magician. It’s lovely, easy to navigate and has great information. Congratulations to both him and you.


  3. Thinking about you as I follow this journey of yours. Same one my sister in law took and she is doing fine. Unlike what yours sounds like, she had full blown cancer – the size of three grains of sand. Breast cancer is 99 percent curable when detected early.


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