Went for a bone density scan by Barbara Edwards

I had my physical and the doctor wanted me to go for a bone density scan. Why do I need one? I’ve never broken a bone even though I’m the world’s biggest clutz. The answer is for a base line measurement in case somewhere down the road I have a problem. I am an inch shorter than I was at age 18, but I think that’s from ordinary wear and tear.

The admissions desk called the night before and asked about my insurance, regular info and told me where to find the right desk. So there I was at the hospital, checking in at admissions for the test.  A nice lady fastened an identity bracelet on my wrist, handed me a sheet of labels and sent me upstairs.

I’m sure this is boring for many of you, but I find anything different of interest. I didn’t wait long at the radiology department for the technician. She showed me where to don a hospital robe. You know the one that never closes properly and the ties are all in weird places.

Then we walked down the hall to the xray room. I had to lay down on the table—a hard surface covered with a sheet–, bend my knees and put my legs on a square block that bent my knees at a 45% angle. The first scan was of my spine from the front. An odd, thick, mechanical arm projected over me and moved slowly downward. I didn’t hear any sound, but it took a picture.

Then the tech removed the block and I had to lay flat. Not very comfortable. With my feet turned pigeon-toed they took pictures of each hip.

Tada. All done. I got dressed and checked the pictures on the computer. It’s funny since I remember the old-fashioned xrays. Now the info goes right into the data bank. The whole thing took about 45 minutes from admission to checked out.

No pictures to show you. I do have a nice spine and hips.


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