Back in the saddle by Barbara Edwards

Pulling up my socks and getting back to my blog today. I didn’t plan to take a hiatus. I had a weird reaction to a prescription I’ve been on for years. I can’t say for sure what happened. Lucky for me I was having my regular check-up and blood-work.

But like that famous movie line, I’m back!

Gulf Sunset

I’m a snowbird, flitting between the Florida Panhandle and Connecticut. This winter the weather wasn’t warm. In typical fashion, the temperature swung to the extreme and we had a lot of cold days on the 50s and 60s. I know. I know. Don’t yell at me about the depth of the snow in your yard and the wind chill. That’s why we go to Florida.

The Panhandle isn’t like Miami or the Keys. It has a homely feel with tiny towns spread out over a wide area. We’re lucky enough to be on the Gulf with the blue water and white sand beaches. Although the winter chill can bite even here, I like it more than the hotter south.

The place we stay is quiet. The others camping there offer a variety of interesting people to talk to if we’re looking for conversation or the chance to ignore everyone and write. Great option.

Bill shoveling snow

We make a conscious decision every winter and figure out the cost of heating fuel to stay home against the cost of fuel to haul the camper south. With the price of diesel pushing upward, we wonder if we can afford the trip next year.

Anyway, I’m glad to be home at my desk and feeling better.

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Author: Barbara Edwards

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