I have a contract by Barbara Edwards

I have a contract.

Whohoo! With a big smile I’m doing the naked chicken dance. All of you with an imagination, close your eyes.

This story is a side-trip for me. It’s for Christmas and it took me two years to get it ready for the publisher.

I have to add that the editors at the Wild Rose Press are so nice. I write full-length books but many friends publish shorter stories and claim that it keeps their names in front of the readers to do them often.

Well, I can tell you writing a short story is no easy chore. It’s a whole different skill set. And once I started, I hung on like a pit bull until I finished. The editor (s) yes more than one, liked the idea and asked for rewrites. Oops missed the deadline. So I tried again. More rewrites, only this time it was what they wanted.

The proposed title is “Journey of the Magi”, a sweetheart rosette. That’s another departure since I write paranormal romance and historical romance that is dark and sexy.

ImageAll this time I’m working on the third in my Rhodes End paranormal romance series. I finished the rough draft today so I am celebrating with this post. The working title is “Ancient Curse” with the return of a cursed villian.

Not that I’m finished since both need to go through editing, copy-editing, rewrites and all the work of a longer novel.



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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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