Ghostly bride haunts cemetery by Barbara Edwards

Colonial Cemetery

Haunted cemetery features ghost of bride should be the description of most creepy stories. I decided to be logical about the over-abundance of dead young brides if there is any kind of logic to deciphering deadly tales.

My opinion is that there aren’t more brides fluttering over gravestones than any other demographic.

So what causes the stories?

In times past burial was a simpler matter. Wash the body, cloth than wrap in a shroud or winding sheet, put in a wooden box (this is if there was someone to build it in the time left), dig a hole and insert remains. Cover with dirt.

Now comes the interesting part.

The body decomposed. TaDa- gas is released. At night this could appear to be a mist or cloud rising from the grave. Thus anyone passing the cemetery at night might be treated to a scary sight.

Imagination would provide the identity in a small town where everyone knows who was the most recent person to die.

Would you expect to see the actual person or a misty form floating near the grave?

My favorite local story is in a Harwinton Cemetery and she is called The Green Lady. The story says the Green lady was murdered by her husband on their wedding night. He threw her body into the swamp bordering the cemetery and claimed she ran off. This was in a time when the settlers were sparse, the graves few in number and the area not well-traveled.

Since then the area has been populated, the old cemetery expanded to hold hundreds of graves and a major highway passes close by. The swamp still exists due to inland-wetland preservation.

My two sons went there one dark night near Halloween to check her out. They parked the car and walked in, daring each other and talking the trash boys exchange when trying to scare each other.

I don’t know what they saw.

A green light floated over the swamp. Growing brighter, larger, it drifted toward them. They ran like rabbits and almost blew the tires speeding out of there.

They were laughing by the time they got home, but they did say ‘no’ when I wanted to go there, too.

Do you have a scary story?

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Author: Barbara Edwards

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2 thoughts on “Ghostly bride haunts cemetery by Barbara Edwards”

  1. Ooh, nothing of that nature but I have definitely felt a shiver or two in a few places that creeped me out. I work in the real estate field and remember inspecting an old home once that was built in the 1700s. It was vacant and I was upstairs. I remember hearing a man and woman talking downstairs. Though I couldn’t make out the words, I was certain they were inside the house. I also heard a door shut at the point. It could have been nothing, it could have been noises carrying from outside, but it was enough to send me fleeing from the home.

    Very eerie story about the Green Lady, Barbara. I loved it! 🙂


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