A repeat visit to Bar Harbor, Maine by Barbara Edwards

Bar Harbor, Maine has changed since our last visit.

Sag Harbor and ship’s Tender

Five years ago we camped at Acadia National Park for a week. Dry camping is a challenge, but well worth it for the wonderful access to the rugged Maine coastline.

Bar Harbor is a typical resort area with large private residences nestled so far into the woods you can’t see them. It stars waterfront properties with all types of boats at anchor. In the intervening years, cruise ships have increased stops. The response from the

Barbara Edwards on Main ST, Bar harbor

town is a pretty new marina area and easy access to the small shops run by local business people. Despite the increased traffic, the people are friendly and helpful.

I drove my husband crazy reminding him I wanted to buy a piece of watermelon tourmaline. If you’re not familiar with gemstones, you don’t know about Tourmaline. It comes in lots of different colors and makes beautiful jewelry.  I coveted the watermelon: striped with green, white and bright pink. I never saw it anywhere else for good reason. It’s a local stone and the artisans here are smart enough not to share.

Family dining of fresh Maine lobster


We spent the day, had a fresh Maine lobster for lunch and returned to the ship. The leaves hadn’t changed color last week, but I bet a trip up the New England coast now will show glorious views.

I set my paranormal romances in New England because I love it so much. Does it show?
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