My husband had a heart attack

No it’s not a joke. My husband had a heart attack yesterday morning. It wasn’t supposed to happen to him. His cholesterol is 130, his blood pressure 120/70 and his pulse 60. He goes to the Cardiologist for for a yearly check-up and is in very good health.

Take this as a warning. HE thought he had an upset stomach. Lots of gas and burping, then it went away. He woke at three thirty am and I asked him if he was

“I feel funny,” he said. That raised the hair on my neck and I called 911 without asking him any more.

Forty-one minutes later they were wheeling him into surgery for a blocked heart vessel.
He had ‘the widow maker’ on the table. If it had happened at home he’d be gone and I’d be writing a different blog.
They saved his life and inserted a stent to open the vessel.
He got out of bed this morning.
I am praying he will be fine.



Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

46 thoughts on “My husband had a heart attack”

  1. Hi Barbara;
    Got your link through Nora Dunn (Twitter), and HAD to write. Your husband sounds just like me (although I don’t know his age). I had a completely “out of the blue” heart bypass (Widowmaker) in 2006, when I was 46. I had a stroke when I was 49. Cholesterol, exercise, weight – all perfect. I had zero risk factors for either event. I’ve now spent the better part of six years trying to figure out “why” (the doctors, cardiologists and neurologists had no idea – the chalked it up to “bad luck”). Long story, but after things settle down and you want to learn what I’ve learned, take a look at (start here:
    Best of luck to you and your husband. I hate to be the one to say “been there, done that”.


  2. Barbara,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband but so glad he’s going to be okay. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
    Marilyn Baron


  3. I am so sorry to hear he had the unexpected heart attack, but how very fortunate you acted so swiftly and decisively!! Wishing you both the very best! and hope he has a full and speedy recovery!


  4. Barbara, I am so sorry such a healthy man, your husband, had a heart attack. How very fortunate for him you went ahead and called 911. His recovery should be good. Please keep us posted.


      1. I shared your story with my husband because I don’t think I would have acted as quickly as you did. I told him of your husband’s symptoms, etc., for future reference. You’ve put us on our guard, and for that I thank you. 😀


  5. Oh my. Kudos for you for jumping into action. Heart attacks can happen to anyone. I lost one of my high school classmates at the age of 29 because of a heart attack.


  6. Thank goodness you called 911 when you did! And how scary this could happen given his health, BP and cholestrol. Sending thoughts and prayers for both of you and wishing him a speedy recovery!


  7. Oh, Barbara, how terrible. ~hugs~ It is a sad sign that even when you don’t show any obvious symptoms, you have to be on your guard. I’m glad you called the emergency services right away and they came so quickly.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. Wishing him a full and speedy recovery.


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