Is arguing about politics a waste of time? by Barbara Edwards

So maybe my title is a tad misleading. When I decided arguing about politics made me angry and didn’t affect the big picture, I decided to try “Another Adventure.” (I always use the reasoning that any new knowledge is ‘grist for the mill.”)

I leaped blindly into the political area. Well, maybe put in a toe in some very turbulent waters is a better description. I know who I’d like to have elected. So I volunteered to help.

Working as a volunteer for a politician is uncharted waters for me.  I’m a registered voter and I consistently vote in every election. I like to argue about political topics. I have a lot of opinions that disagree with a number of family and friends.  I once ran for local office and lost, sooo….

Why am I volunteering?

I hate the way the politics have taken over the news. Years ago the Presidential election started after the National Conventions. Voters had four to six weeks of bombardment and argument.  It got hot, but it was over and the new guy (or girl?) took over. Now the news builds hate and resentment against every candidate and I don’t like it.

I’m obsessive about following issues I regard as important. Did you notice I’m keeping this in a general context? I don’t want to get into an argument with you. I’m sharing how I feel and hope it chimes a chord with you.

I’m helping at a rally. Helpers do lots of stuff. Wear a hat with the candidate’s name. Cheer during the speech. Actually meet the candidate and find out if all those pretty words mean anything. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m too good a writer to be taken in by empty phrases.

My husband and I are debating a yard sign. He says no because the neighbors are the other party. I say yes because I care about who wins. I winced when I overheard someone say their grandchildren will not have the kind of life we enjoyed.

I believe in the United States of America, The Bill of Rights, The Constitution and the power of the people to control our nation’s future.

Are you doing anything positive?

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Author: Barbara Edwards

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One thought on “Is arguing about politics a waste of time? by Barbara Edwards”

  1. You go, girl. Regardless of what side of the fence a citizen sits on, if more Americans took the initiative to inform themselves of the truth behind all the noise, the incessant finger pointing would be less effective and lose its appeal.


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