On the Road- Again- by Barbara Edwards

Sunrise at Sugar Hill

The plan is to spend time at St George’s Island State Campground as a host couple. The best laid plans get thrown into the trash fairly often.

The phone call came. A close relative is dying. Come home.

So here we are packing away all the things we’d arranged for our comfort in the Florida heat. The screened room is down. The chairs packed, along with the

The pond through the trees

small grill and the folding table. I’m so disappointed that we have to leave early. Family come first, though.

I admit I wasn’t sure about volunteering during the increasing heat, but what the hey? I’ll try anything within reason.

The worse day was 94 degrees and high humidity, so we took it easy until the late afternoon.   Between us, we found the weather was bearable as long as we paced ourselves.

I had another trip out at dawn to hunt for turtle nests. This time was different with swarms of flies driving us crazy as we drove the beach. It was another adventure I want to repeat.

The campground is between the bay and the Gulf,

Rattlesnake Bay, great fishing

within easy walking. The fishing is wonderful. Or so I’ve been told by the fishermen who take poles, nets, coolers on a cute wheeled cart and haul everything with them.

The wonderful Loggerhead Turtle pictures the Ranger took and  shared for the other morning are for another time.

I took pictures at dawn and dusk. Of the birds. Of the soaring clouds before a local storm. And I love being here.

Sunset over the dunes

We’re already planning the return trip. We’ll be armed with more bug repellent, a bigger fan and a television antenna that gets the channels.

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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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