Memorial Day is for every soldier by Barbara Edwards

Minute Man National Park

Memorial Day is for every soldier in every conflict. I feel so strongly I am reblogging this post from my Memorial Day blog on Roses of Prose.

Memorial Day’s about more than parades, red poppies and barbeques.  Memorial Day honors sacrifice.

So visiting the Minute Man National Park in Lexington-Concord Massachusetts has special meaning.

The shot heard around the world happened in a tiny village where a handful of men gave to the 350 million Americans alive today their freedom. As I walked their path, my heart

Minute Man Statue, with my husband Bill

was in my throat. We don’t appreciate the struggle they endured. They lost their farms and businesses, their men died.

The area is charming with a few period houses still open. The park has two visitors’ centers and interpretive guides dressed in period attire. The path followed by those resolute men goes for

Interpretive guide

miles. I’m going back with my younger grandchildren. I want them to know where they got their freedom.

Would you be willing to sacrifice so much? I hope I would.

I came from a family that fought. My Father’s and Mother’s brothers (seven in total) all went overseas in World War Two. They marched through France and Italy, North Africa, Japan and the Pacific Islands. They serve on ships.  My Father built ships at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. My Aunt Edna was a riveter putting airplane wings together.

Barbara Edwards at monument

My daughter and her husband served in the United States Army. Two of my sons and a daughter-in-law served in the United States Navy. Just their service adds to more than 100 years. My grandson and granddaughter are in the Navy with number three in the early enlistment program for next September.

I am the grandchild of emigrants. My family appreciates the freedoms here. All four escaped the religious suppression, forced military service and virtual slavery of a serf type life. I love this country.

The shot heard around the world

My husband’s family has been here since the 1600s. One of his ancestors joined the Minutemen. A company of armed men journeyed overland from New Haven, Connecticut to Lexington in two days, an incredible feat.

My eyes fill with tears as I picture their hardships. It was all for my family and me.

Take the time to visit the park. Walk where they marched and died. Listen to the lectures and learn why you enjoy the freedom you do.

Salute the flag and stand during the National Anthem.

Put flowers on the grave of a soldier on Memorial Day.

Say “Thank You” to our military.

And register to vote. Use the greatest privilege they sacrificed for: Vote for a free and responsible government.

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Author: Barbara Edwards

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2 thoughts on “Memorial Day is for every soldier by Barbara Edwards”

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I love the passion of this post. I was raised in the Boston area and visited Lexington & Concord many times, as well as the other points on the freedom trail. For me, those lovely, seemingly ordinary spots on the map are alive with the echoes of uncompromising courage and the manifestation of the true price of precious freedom. As Americans, we owe an unpayable debt to all those who have and do stand in the breech against oppression.


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