#Review-Seeing Red by Maggie Toussaint

Seeing Red by Maggie Toussaint

By the time Emma meets Quentin, a man she could care about, she’d convinced she’s the latest victim a family curse. Emma is determined to avoid love. She has enough problems. Her sisters won’t agree to sign over the family home so she can convert it to a Bed & Breakfast although this is her dream. Quentin is a building contractor who volunteers his time to help her after finding his sister is her best friend.

Quentin’s lost four fiancées by jumping into relationships. Meeting Emma, he’s convinced she is the one, but he’ll woo her, not rush her. He’d determined to do it right this time.

An accident at the house hurts both women. Quentin discovers it was deliberate and insists Emma stay with him until they discover the person behind the threat.

Seeing Red is a nicely woven tale with a well developed cast of characters.

I’d recommend it to my friends.

I haven’t done a lot of reviews. I can count them on one hand, but I liked Maggie Toussaint’s book and decided to start with it. I have several books on my to-be-read pile that I’m hoping to share with you.

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