Robins bring Spring

The first robin of Spring has a lot of meaning in New England. The promise that warm weather is arriving adds a note of joy to their welcome.

Spring arrives

In Florida, the promise of spring is more subtle. Green creeps across the brown fields. Red Bud trees blossom with a spray of pink/lavender flowers. Pine cones make a thunking noise on the roof as they drop from the trees. Squirrels chitter like maniacs as they chase each other around and around.

This camp is on the migration paths of hundreds of different bird species. I have an Audubon book to identify them but I’m not quick enough most of the time to see all the details.

Late this afternoon, we took a soda outside and watched the sun going down.

The flutter of wings filled the air.

A thousand robins landed in the open field in front of our camper.

Did you ever see so many robins in one flock? I didn’t know they traveled like that.

This was a gem of a moment.

We watched the birds for almost an hour. One robin yanked a fat grub from the soil and ate it with relish. They poked and pulled at the ground, hunting for more grubs or insect eggs. This is nature’s way of balancing the species. If the birds don’t stop, there can be too many insects to infest the forest.

A pair of red-headed woodpeckers pecked at the bark high on a slash pine. Then they left as quickly as they had arrived.

The robins left in smaller groups. By dark not one lingered.

So we finished our drinks. It’s nice to know that all those birds will be in someone’s yard in a few days. And a child will shout, “Look, Mommy, the first robin of Spring is here!”


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