Writing on the road

After sending an update on my writing this week to a loop, a friend seemed surprised that I write

Living the good life
when traveling. This is a no-brainer for me. I wrote half of Ancient Awakening while visiting the Battle of Olustee, in Florida. My husband loves to travel and has been known to take to the road at the drop of a hat. if I wanted to be with him, I had to learn to adjust.

I am a writer. It isn’t a hobby. I have no choice about putting those whirling ideas and thoughts onto paper. I can turn into a beast, chewing on my own leg, if deprived.
To save my sanity, I learned to arrange my surroundings to allow me to indulge.
For days when the road is long and winding, I have an alphasmart to write on. I can blockout the country music or talk-show hosts as I dive into my plot. This is also a handy tool for when I want to sit outside and take in the sun or the beach.

Reason to head South

Inside the fifth-wheel, I have a corner with a tiny table, a comfortable chair and my lap-top. I can’t say its easy to adjust, but I have a burning need to finish my latest manuscript. It won’t wait until a good time or a better place.

So I ask my husband if he needs anything at the store or if the dog need to take a walk. He can find something to keep him occupied for a few hours and I can write.

It comes down to that old question: do you write even when you’re not in the mood?
In my case, that’s a resounding YES!!!


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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