Who’s heard of green monkeys?

The varied trips on my recent cruise offered a day trip to the Wildlife Preserve on Barbadoes. Now I love animals and love zoos, animal farms, traveling circuses with elephants, in a word exotic animals, so I was caught. The weather was beautiful when we

Wild animals are wild warning

set out for the day.

The bus was air-conditioned, something that can’t be taken for granted on the islands. I admit I took a lot of photos that no one else will ever look at, but the scenery is wonderful. the ocean is that translucent green, blue turquoise that makes you want to dive in. The beaches we passed were crowded with people splashing, sunning, tanning, drinking, kissing- oh my- yes the sun warmed more than their skin.

We went into the hills to find the Reserve. The fields were planted with sugar cane, bananas, and lots of green stuff I didn’t recognize.

Barbados beach

When the bus arrived I was inpresssed at the nice surroundings. The exterior was is part of an old sugar factory and shows its age with weathers stone.

The monkeys are hard to see in the thick foliage, but the tortoises and deer were all over the place. The paths are laid brick and wonder through the preserve in no ordered manner. I passed peacocks. I saw more deer. There is a crocodile in a pond. So where are the green monkeys?

The attendant said go that way. So that way I went. To my surprise, a monkey sat eating a lump of something I didn’t recognize.

Green Monkey in BarbadosGreen Monkeys and turtles

They didn’t have green fur. In the sunlight there is a faint green cast to the lower back and tail. It didn’t show well  in my old camera, but I tried to capture it.

They were cute. and on a scale of one to ten, they rated an eight in my book. Even the turtles/tortoises were interesting. They moved like turtles everywhere.

And they were all over the paths, the patios and under bushes.

I sat on the patio and drank fruit punch while waiting for the others to wander back to the bus. Took more pictures and relaxed. It’s the whole point to going on vacation.

Thanks for listening to my rambling.

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