The gift I didn’t get

Greeting and Welcome

Every year there was something special that I wanted for Christmas.
I remember wanting a horse. Not a pony, a real live horse that I could ride like in The Black Stallion. Sigh. It didn’t happen and with good reason since I had trouble taking care of a cat. But I wanted that horse.
How about the year I wanted a clarinet? I wanted to take the free music lessons offered at school but my parents had to provide the instrument. That was the year I learned that money didn’t always stretch to cover a son in college and a girl in elementary school’s wishes.
There was the year my sister was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and I wanted her to be well again. She learned to care for herself and I learned good things don’t always happen to good people.

Food's ready

There was the Christmas I was seven months pregnant and huge as a whale. I wanted that baby to arrive, but he stayed with me until February. Happy Birthday, Stephen.
Christmas was a time for planning on how to make the money go far enough. I wished for enough to buy everything my children wanted, but it never happened. I made jars of mint jelly (green) and crab-apple jelly (red) to give to their teachers. I knit slippers and mittens because hand-made things were less expensive. I saved so they could make a list to Santa and I promised to get them three things off that list. They got them, but it wasn’t always the most expensive items.
I wished to finish my manuscript by Christmas but didn’t. Shoot.
For years, I wished for my daughter to come home for Christmas, but Alaska was too far away.
This year I wanted to have my entire family gather for the Holidays. That ain’t going to ever happen. My son with the christmas tree farm is still working. The grandson in the navy’s submarine put into Groton so he came with his sweetheart. My granddaughter in the Air Force was flying to Colorado. My grandson in Florida started a new job at SeaWorld and couldn’t get the time off. The grandson in College surprised me and brought his girl-friend. My son in Virginia couldn’t take any more time off, but I’ll see him in a couple weeks. Every year I wish the same thing. To have us all together again. Maybe next year.

My Manger

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His gift to his Mom. Thanks, Bill

May you all receive your Christmas Wishes.








Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

16 thoughts on “The gift I didn’t get”

  1. I understand the wanting family around wish. But I make myself look at this way: even if we can’t be, we all want to be, and that’s something to be very thankful for, considering all the families who couldn’t care less. That’s sad.

    Have a nice Christmas with whoever you can be with, Barbara!


  2. When families get bigger, and spouses and children and grandchildren enter the picture…it’s a little like herding cats, trying to get them all in the same place at the same time. But there’s always hope 🙂


  3. Like you Barbara, all I wish now is to have my family around. They will be coming. Although my daughter was supposed to be on call, another doctor who wanted New Year’s Eve off traded with her Christmas Eve. She’ll be working New Year’s Eve to be with us for two days. Like Celia, I grew up wishing for a bicycle and never got it because it was too expensive.


    1. No. That won’t happen. My daughter died and is buried in Alaska. But the rest of us all try to do the big gathering.


  4. Wishing your family could all be together was the best part. I’m so sorry it didn’t happen, but I liked reading about who they are and where they are. You are very blessed. Mine can’t get together either.
    I always wanted a bicycle, but never got one. I guess they were too expensive–I never knew the reason–but one year I did get sidewalk skates–you know those old kind with a key? My skates and I lived a fun life–as far as the sidewalk went.
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas–Celia


    1. I had to ride my older brother’s bike. Much too big for me, so I was glad to have an old pair of skates given to me. Oh those skinned knees!


  5. When I was 10, I wanted a chimpanzee. I cried and pleaded to deaf ears. At night, I would dream about taking my best friend chimp to school with me (don’t know why I thought that could happen) and how we’d hang out after school; how I’d dress her in baby clothes and then little girl dresses. But I didn’t get her of course. Can’t remember a thing about that year – I don’t think I got any “have this instead’ present.


  6. Barbara, I totally sympathize. There was one Christmas I was beside myself when I didn’t get a horse. All the neighbors had them, and I rode their horses a lot. I really wanted one of my own. But I got a porcelain sit-on-the-dresser horse instead. That was the worst Christmas ever. My parents relented and purchased a horse in January, but I’ll never forget that Christmas. Ever.


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