Ready for Christmas?

Christmas is a special time of year for me. Putting up the lights, arranging the lawn decorations, dragging the boxes from storage, wrapping gifts

Making Christmas wreaths

and making wreaths to hang on the door fill my life with joy.

I love decorating the Christmas tree. When I was a child, blown glass reindeer and lights that bubbled hung from the branches. Silver tinsel twisted and spun in the slightest breeze. If a light went out, my father unscrewed the bulb and replaced it. Half the decorations were hand-made. All my school efforts dangled in the front.

So when I married and my Mom gave me an ornament with the date I was thrilled. I hang that tiny elf swinging on a star near the top of my tree every year. It was joined by an elf with my daughter’s name.

My Mom started a lovely tradition. She gave each of the children an ornament with their name and the year. I kept it going after she died.

So as the children grew, a soccer player dangled here, a wrestler there, several girls dressed as ballerinas stepped high. A typewriter joined them, then a book. A black dog with a bone commemorated Farful our old dog. The paper chain decorated with Christmas stickers from my daughter’s third grade loops between branches. Over the years, the tree became so crowded the branches bent toward the floor.

So when my children married, it wasn’t too difficult to hand off a box of ornaments with their name and the past years to the couple.  Time rushes by. Every Christmas I see those old ornaments with a sad sigh, until one of my grandchildren points with an excited grin.

Do you remember?

“Do you remember that one, Nana?”



Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

6 thoughts on “Ready for Christmas?”

  1. Hi Barbara, I’ve been buying the kids ornaments to depict their interests since they were born. This coming year, I’ll be sending some of my daughter’s with her to her new home. It’s nice to know a part of our tree with go with her. 🙂


  2. Hi Barbara, How sweet for you and your family to have tangible evidence of such good memories. My dad loved to have all his chicks around him the entire day on Christmas, so he would put in his order for an early reservation for Christmas morning at one of the local restaurants. (Not a simple outing as there were eight of us kids) Since then, Dad has gone to live with the true reason for the season and we kids have scattered across the country, but we still do breakfast in each of our cities in memory, and the texts and pics fly throughout the bittersweet process.


  3. Hi Barbara,
    That is a lovely tradition. We used to always have a traditional Christmas lunch with a glass of Marsala (I think that is how you soell it), at my mother’s place even after we were all married and moved away. After my mum died, we tried to keep the tradition going but sadly after a few Christmases it lapsed.




  4. Hi Barbara…beautiful post! I love Christmas ornaments and have a bit of an addiction to them. I also would give each of my children an ornament with their name and year on it. I would try and pick something that represented something special that had happened that year in their lives. Now that my kids are older and I only have 1 at home, I still hang each one on the tree. I plan to give them to them when they are a bit more settled in their lives, but I already feel a sense of sadness knowing that when I pass them along they won’t be happy reminders on my tree anymore.

    Love the tradition though and hope my kids pass it along when they have families of their own!

    Thanks for sharing and HAPPY HOLIDAYS~


  5. What a great post. I, too, love decorating and the excitement of Christmas. I bought my children an ornament a year, also, and used to laugh about how bear my tree would be when I gave them all their ornaments. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Oh, I gave them their ornaments, but they were replaced each year by ornaments from them or their children and my tree soon filled up. I love hanging these ornaments with the memories they bring. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for sharing


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