At the petting zoo
A calender reminder popped up to say “My daughter-in-law’s birthday.” too late to send a card, and they were away on vacation, so it was a phone call and happy wishes.
I forget birthdays. I have no excuse. I never did. I write them down, note them on the wall calender and recently have been adding them to the on-line calender. When the little bell ring, I jump out of my skin.
oh no, another one.
I even bought a box of cards to have on hand. Only they don’t fit the person- I can’t send one of those cute, impersonal messages to someone so special, can I?
My youngest son claims I have never remembered his birthday. Of course one of the reasons is he tells me I’m calling on the wrong day: even if its right.
One year I decided to make it easy on myself. On January 1st I sent out every card, with a note on the back of the envelope: Do not open until birthday. I thought it was a great idea. No missed birthdays this year! What a howl of outrage! You’d think grown-ups could follow simple instructions. And the youngest asked if it was a late card for his previous December birthday.


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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