The Wild Rose Press Retreat in Asheville

Booting Promo Butt

Panelists discuss promotion on the web, from websites to Shelfari, to blogs and loops, a wide- ranging presentation of what’s available for free. Besides addressing questions, a CD with a variety of articles on “how-to” will be given to class attendees.

If you know me at all, you know I am the worst internet user anywhere. I’m afraid of computer–they tend to die sudden and awful deaths at my hands. I can’  remember my own email address or if I remember to answer the ones sent to me. My efforts on the web to do promo have been hit or miss, along with disaster, calamity, chaos—

So why did I volunteer to do a class on promo? Because I’m so inept.

I can tell you every error to avoid, shortcuts to make it easier and what I found a total waste of time. I hope the attendees have a bunch of questions. I am armed and dangerous. 


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

1 thought on “The Wild Rose Press Retreat in Asheville”

  1. lol. Computers die an awful death at your hands. My mother had that sort of poison thumb with plants. I have that sort of poison thumb with ‘dry clean only’ clothes.

    It’s an interesting idea…to teach a class on something you aren’t and expert at – and braver still to admit it. lol.


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